Jan. 26, 2020

Kiss [ASMR version]

Kiss [ASMR version]

The story of my first gay kiss, told in ASMR style.

The story of my first gay kiss, told in ASMR style (which means it's all whispery and weird. Some people like it. Don't ask me.). A tale of teenage rebellion, instant messenger and awkward lapdancing. If you'd prefer to listen to this story of LGBT firsts, you can find it at probablytruepodcast.com/episodes/kiss

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Stories of queer life and even queer-er sex.

Always interesting, definitely amusing, Probably True - the repeatedly-award-winning, slightly filthy storytelling project tackling LGBTQ issues in a fun and engaging way.

Much like its creator, it is a smutty-but-charming collection of personal misadventures working to make the world a better place, one silly, sexy story at a time.

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