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Love this

Hilarious, relatable, QUEER I love this show and the representation it provides. Also the host has a voice as smooth as butter and I am obsessed

A handsome hob-nob with a quiet crunch

Charismatic story-telling, a humble voice spoken with humour and authencity. There's kindness here, with advocacy for human-rights, and generous flirting sprinkles. Listen-in for comforting and sexy company, especially in your alone-time.

Sexy,oignant, political and funny

Abosolutely love this podcast Sexy,oignant, political and funny. Embarrassing and exultant moments galore along with touching stories and political comment. If you're Queer you need a bit of Scott in your life.

What I needed

I enjoy this stuff and it makes me feel a little more connected. I can identify with some of it and feel I’m living a quite fun life by proxy - through the author’s stories and those of his guests - for the rest too. Mostly quite humourous, slightly Dave Allen dry delivery at times (good thing.) but isn’t afraid of a dark/insightful/thoughtful/honest story too.


Witty, interesting, unique!

I know it sounds weird, but I think one of my best friends these days is a podcast It supports me, recognises me, teaches me, understands me, builds me up & makes me better It's also funny & filthy Check out @ScottFlashheart's Probably True And remember... We are, none of us, alone

Great narratives, really entertaining

I love this podcast, and I’m always excited when the next one is released. The stories are genuine and make you think, and his storytelling is excellent. Thank you!

Such wise wisdom

I’m a little addicted, what am I gonna do once I’m caught up with the back issues?!


Hilarious, honest, warm-hearted & wise

Challenging, Hilarious, Unashamedly Queer

A true gem of a podcast not afraid to tackle big issues, sexuality, and the modern gay life in brilliantly paced short episodes full of humour, intelligence, and self-awereness.

Funny, positive and life-affirming

Also brief! Discovered this through the marvellous Audible Feast. Well worth a listen

Gay sweet sexual fun

Entertaining stores and likable host. Short and really heavy on the sex, but still fun to listen to! The host has some good messages and is relatively positive. Only negative is the INCREDIBLY awful intro and outro song, as it is soooo much louder than the rest of the show. It seriously blows my ear drums out every time. Please change and equalize better.

Short, Sweet & Sticky!

Scott will blow your... mind! Even though the episodes may be short, size doesn’t matter. He gives amazing quickies, and they’re easy to swallow! The podcast has serious lessons, funny moments, and sexy scenes. Listen to his voice and tell me you can’t hear him in your wet dreams! Come and taste it!

Makes me laugh in public...

...and warms my heart too. Smart, sassy, sexy and thoughtful. Love this show.

Must check out!

Great podcast with an hilarious host. Scott’s storytelling will captivate & entertain you from start to finish.

Many 🤣 with a few 🤔

Fell in love from my first episode. Lovely short little podcast that has made me laugh out laugh and get confused looks from my forklift truck driving co-workers. Brilliant stories, then suddenly a wonderfully thought provoking and heartfelt episode will pop up and have me really stop and think truly amazing

Delightful pervert here

Every single one of your musings makes me happy Please don’t stop. You have way with words and a delightful take on your own life and by proxy all of our lives

Heart and soul and dick

What I love about Scott and Probably True is that within all the funniness is someone with a big...heart , trying to figure out who and what we are all supposed to be in this world that doesn't even know what it's doing. Totally ace. X

Solid storyteling

Short and to the point with the episodes. There's something to be said for those type of podcastsfor sure.. I love the voice delivering the content, can actually see that kind of voice doing voiceover work. Very very professional sounding podcast here.. My one nitpick may be----how come there aren't episodes more regularly? I'd bet if you had a more consistent production schedule this podcast would grow a real nice following.. Cant emphasize this enough that this is one of the better voices on a podcast I heard.. Great storytelling! Easy 5-star podcast.

Hilarious and Filthy

Hugely enjoyable


Insightful, hilarious and addictive. These short story podcasts are brilliant.

I love you, Scott!

I mean... I love your podcast... and your super sexy voice. I wish the installments were longer... but... I'll take what I can get. (Call me...)

What's not to love?

Smart, sweet, sexy, and funny... what's not to love?

Seriously funny

One of the funniest, yet often covering serious issues, podcasts out there. So frank, honest and open. You'll laugh, often agree with some of the comments and maybe even shed a tear or two. Highly recommended. Subscribe now, I promise you wont regret it.

Definitely True

Still listening and loving the show. Don't change a thing! - 07/15/17 Love everything about this podcast. LGBT podcasts.... take notes. - 07/03/17

Best Podcast Ever!

Incredibly real, honest and funny, even If all of it is just probably true.

An excellent podcast!

In my opinion this is a fantastic podcast. Great format (difficult format to pull off), interesting topics with universal appeal and the right balance of honesty and humour.


These are like beautiful little haiku podcasts. Short, lovingly created, funny and neatly mixed. Recommended!

Great storytelling

I found myself very engaged. The host has a great energy, very personable, funny and open. Love it!

Funny and sexy!

Love these. Very personal, but relatable, stories from a clever and humorous man.