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Active (with Paul Burston)

May 17, 2020

Love, loss and late-night bus stop shenanigans.

Guest: Paul Burston
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Survivor (with Marc Thompson)

March 29, 2020

HIV activist Marc Thompson talks about his experience of being diagnosed as HIV+ in the mid-80s

Guest: Marc Thompson
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March 22, 2020

A journey into a painful part of queer history: the HIV epidemic of the 1980s and '90s.

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Nov. 3, 2019

Twitter, hipsters and The Big Secret about coffee. And beer. And wine.

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Random (with Heezy Yang)

Aug. 18, 2019

The power of embracing the random.

Guest: Heezy Yang
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June 30, 2019

Who were Marsha P. Johnson and Storme Delaverie?

Activism Community Pride Queer History


June 16, 2019

Plant slime: Essential to the LGBTQ cause. Possibly.

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March 31, 2019

A short rant on homophobia, triangles and The Fuckening

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Nov. 11, 2018

What it takes to be an ally

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May 29, 2018

Growing up not talking about The Gays

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Sept. 12, 2017

A chat with a Proper Lad inspires a rant