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June 13, 2022

No, not the TV show. Or the Eurovision song.

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April 12, 2021

After the 'success' of the Bottom episode, it seemed only right to do one about topping.

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Transformations (with Max Appenroth)

Feb. 15, 2021

Three different coming-outs, a traumatic experience in a sauna, and something that is DEFINITELY not a candle.

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Chad (with Dennis Norris ii)

March 15, 2020

When that schoolboy crush becomes a reality...

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Sept. 29, 2019

Are you man enough to get wet? Man enough to wear War Paint, look tough and never recycle?

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Sept. 2, 2019

What to do when the flesh isn't as willing as you'd like?

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Twister (with Orson Deane)

Aug. 4, 2019

Adult Entertainment star Orson Deane talks us through the self-realisations that come after taking too much Viagra.

Guest: Orson Deane
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Oct. 28, 2018

Size sin't everything; always wash your hands

Masculinity Life Hacks & Advice Dating & Relationships


April 1, 2018

A story of youthful ignorance and heavy drinking

Masculinity Body Image Masturbation


Aug. 1, 2017

80s movies and weird X-Men powers

Apps Body Image Life Hacks & Advice Masculinity Schooldays


July 3, 2017

Why having a really big wang isn't all that great…

Masculinity Coming Out First Times University


May 7, 2017

A brief meditation on the desire to be 'one of the lads' by someone who can never be.

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Dec. 14, 2016

"Are you masc?"