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April 25, 2022

The Probably True guide to Gay Saunas

Mental Health Queer Spaces Homophobia


Feb. 22, 2021

The postman sends me off on a bit of an existential spiral, there's stuff coming at my head, and I've got a wizard in my pants. Another normal week in lockdown.

Life Hacks & Advice Queer Spaces Masturbation


Nov. 15, 2020

A guide to DEFINITELY NOT having sex in public, because that's a NAUGHTY CRIME. And some thoughts on what to do if you decide you want to BREAK THE LAW, what it means to be community-minded when shagging in public, and why i…

Body Image Community Consent Queer Spaces


Nov. 17, 2019

[CONTENT WARNING: Some thoughts on groping, consent and other things like that.] Some thoughts on attraction, the signals we give out, and when it's ok to grope a stranger. (Spoiler: It's not. Ever.)

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Science (with Dr. Alfredo Carpineti)

Oct. 27, 2019

When you find yourself unable to see, it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Body Image Chemsex Gross Queer Spaces


May 20, 2018

Trying not to scare the neighbours

Travel Queer Spaces Apps


March 18, 2018

I have a problem. It's citrus-scented.

Community Family Masturbation Queer Spaces


March 4, 2018

The joys of thin walls and sharing your space

Consent Group Sex Queer Spaces


Aug. 28, 2017

A trip to a sauna isn't normally a birthday present...

Kink University Community First Times Queer Spaces


June 18, 2017

My first trip to a gay bar

First Times Politics Pride Community Calendar Queer Spaces


June 4, 2017

Glitter, flags and vomit