A tonsil the size of a grapefruit meant a drug-fuelled haze lacking in new episodes. Luckily, I'd just guest-starred on BBC Radio 1's The Surgery, a sex and relationships advice show for 15 to 25-year olds.



Allo. If you’ve somehow missed my shouting about being on Radio 1 this week, you’ll not know that I was on Radio 1 this week. But I was. On Radio 1.This week. Giving advice to teenagers about sex and attraction on the call-in show The Surgery.

And, since immediately after that show finished I came down with a particularly nasty throat infection, I’m going to share a couple of clips from that show instead of wrecking my poor throat any more than is absolutely necessary. I’m sure speaking to you right now would be really quite painful, but I’m on some fantastic painkilllers, so here we are.

A little suspicious, actually, how quickly I got ill after I left Broadcasting House. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about which Radio 1 presenter feels threatened by me muscling in on their territory, suffice to say it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the sheer number of boys I kiss in the name of research for this podcast. The things I do to amuse you people… Christ, that’s going to be the name of my autobiography, isn’t it?

Right. From that depressing note, here’s some upbeat clips I’ve lovingly nicked from the BBC. And if you’re listening from the BBC, please don’t sue me, and can I have a job?

Right. Before I leave you to go and gargle some Dettol, quick thanks to anyone who has already sent in questions for the upcoming Q&A (Queer and Amusing?) episode. If you’ve got a burning question, on pretty much anything to do with the podcast, or me, I guess, you can send it to me via email at, or on Twitter you can find me @Unlikelylad.

I’ll resume servicing you normally next week. If you ask nice.